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More than just an insurance policy!

Our exclusivity allows us to give our clients bespoke benefits & rewards.

Portás Group Concierge Service

Portás Group clients receive exclusive access to a premium range of significant benefits, incentives and discounts on sought after brands & services, tailored to the individual.

Here are some of our partners:


Riviera Insurance

Tailored, bespoke insurance packages. Customer service is our culture. A business with integrity, Riviera Insurance is your local broker specialising in a variety of insurance products. From injury insurance to car insurance, they have the cover to suit your needs.

Portugal Golf Holidays

Portugal Golf Holidays is one of the most popular and strongest operators in the Algarve region. Currently working with every golf course and all major Hotel Chains and resorts across the Algarve. Their biggest attribute is being on the ground in Portugal, enabling them to give a more personal touch to clients, offering the best deals, help and support at all times.

Offering a meet and greet service if required and personally liaise with the resorts and courses, making sure everything goes according to plan. All of the Hotels, courses and stay and play resorts have been personally visited. Being on the ground in portugal, they are able to organise any extra requirements, club hire, setting up competitions, nearest the pins, prizes etc. They also arrange large group bookings with restaurants and offer discounts, also offering both airport and golf transfers.

We look forward to organising your next Golf Holiday and wish all you golfers a great Golfing Experience here in Portugal.

wow hydrate

20% OFF

WOW Hydrate

The Latest Innovation in Fitness Hydration.

Giving on-the-go a new angle, WOW HYDRATE products deliver essential nutrients at their optimum strength with our unique push-cap technology. Rehydrating the body without carbohydrates or sugar, it is an easy and convenient way to add nutrients into your diet.

WOW HYDRATE Protein offers vitamins B6, C & D and flavour from the push cap into 20g of Collagen protein.

WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte offers vitamins B6, C & D, flavour and three essential electrolytes into still water.

Player Packs

One of Football’s fastest expanding and exciting startups, supplying pre-made Player and Club packs full of the changing room must haves to pack out your performance, in a never done before service.

Player Packs are leading in football innovation, by bringing simplicity and affordability, by creating a visionary and influential team, and by making their mark in the football community that drives positive behaviour and change in the game we all love.


20% OFF


20% OFF

Sporting You

Struggling with time to plan a session? Players keep dropping out and unsure on what to now deliver? The SportingYOU app provides soccer coaches, at all levels, with ready-made session plans catered to their needs. Our easy-to-use app, can support coaches by providing ready-made session plans in your hand on the go. The coach can add their favourite sessions to their library, and also print the session in a PDF format. The SportingYOU app also provides additional content which includes guest interviews with professional and grassroots coaches, who have kindly added their own sessions to the app and provided case studies that showcase successful development in all areas of soccer.


Glupro are an East Midlands based professional goalkeeper glove brand and sports clothing company. We also specialise in sporting events at professional grounds, and also offer coaching for goalkeepers at all levels.


25% OFF

zero gravity _ blue

20% OFF

Zero Gravity

We at Zero Gravity Pilates are Ultra Pilates specialists run by Britain’s leading Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation experts.
We pride ourselves on our highest standards of education in Anatomy, Physiology and corrective functional exercise training. You will not find an exercise trainer in our award winning studios or training you virtually without a BSc Sports Science degree behind their name. We strive to change your body and reach your training goals, so if an exercise trainer does not know their stuff, you will not find them at Zero Gravity Pilates!

Zero Gravity Pilates is unique to what any exercise company has to offer. We are elite and innovative in what we do, with very small efficient and effective In-Studio Reformer Pilates classes we do not believe in sessions that are oversubscribed with loads of bodies and a trainer who cannot watch your every move.

We shy away from being called a “gym”, we are a warm, inviting exercise studio with the latest specialised equipment with great music in every session. The trainers are not “too serious” (we smile) and will certainly not shout at you like you are in the military if you cannot complete a exercise.

Virtually we offer the very best Ultra Mat Pilates sessions that you will not find anywhere else. With a key emphasis on “results”, we make you bodily-aware in each session by describing each exercise in detail so you know what muscles you are working and reason why we are working them. The scientific knowledge behind each exercise and what it does for your body, and structure in how we design our virtual sessions means you will get the best possible results…..Fast!

Free Train

Created with you in mind, the V1 is the product you don’t know you need until you have it. With over 100,000 satisfied runners & trainers, the V1 has finally given you the most streamlined & balanced way to take your small essentials with you whilst you train.

In the age of the smartphone, people now like to track their workouts, listen to music, or even keep in touch with the rest of the world whilst they exercise. Carrying your phone, keys & energy boosters can be distracting when you have something bouncing around on your arm or pocket or even riding up your back. Now you have the solution.

Free Train

10% OFF


The Long Ball

The Long Ball, a unique Premier League prediction game that has the pros addicted. Compete against your family, friends, colleagues, teammates as well as former and existing Premier League players on a weekly, monthly and season basis.

The game has been fine-tuned over 20 years to create the optimum user experience and we guarantee this game will take your football viewing to the next level as you see the leaderboard change live during the game.

Sign up is quick and easy, create your own groups and leagues and the best part is … it’s FREE.

Supreme cbd

Supporting Athletes with CBD to aid recovery from injury or athletes who may be struggling with Anxiety, Chronic pain, Arthritis or Insomnia. CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a substance derived from the hemp or cannabis plant containing high amounts of the cannabinoid cannabidiol.

Most CBD oil comes from industrial hemp rather than psychoactive marijuana strains; while the two plants are related, industrial hemp does not contain nearly as much psychoactive tetrahydrocannabiol, another cannabinoid better known as THC. In fact, industrial hemp cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis – a nearly negligible amount.


30% OFF


25% OFF

Power Gun

Working out is now more enjoyable, more fulfilling, and less painful with a PowerGun. Whether you are working out at home, in the gym or on the pitch we empower you to exercise harder without the fear of pain. Our products help you relieve the pain faster, relax tight muscles, and enhance the healing of scar tissue. Trusted by elite athletes worldwide, the PowerGun is the perfect companion when it comes to all things recovery.


The forefront of athlete recovery. We offer compression recovery boots that increase and encourage blood flow to remove accumulated waste from the muscles in your legs. Partnering proudly with portas group, we aim to make dynamic compression recovery more available to athletes across the world.


10% OFF

bear hug logo

20% OFF

Bear Hug

Bearhug are created from a unique bamboo charcoal yarn. Produced from a renewable resource providing you with unrivalled comfort and superior warmth. Worn by runners, tennis players, weightlifters and anyone else who’s active, providing support, compression and pain relief both during and after exercise and activity.

Cards Plug

CardsPlug creates real-life football cards customised to your specification.

The most perfect and unique football gift for any football fan.

Specially crafted real-life football cards customised to your specification, some cards inspired by the top football game, FIFA 21 & FIFA 20.

The perfect way to a football fan’s heart.

Customise yours in seconds today and let our expert team do the rest.

cards plug_logo

20% OFF

Muscle Mend Logo

20% OFF

Muscle Mend

Muscle Mend is the incredibly unique, brand-new, 100% natural recovery oil that is designed to aid both training, recovery and aches/pains. Containing only pure essential oils that are a blend of relaxants and anti-inflammatories, Muscle Mend can be used pre-training/competing to help reduce fatigue allowing you to train/perform harder for longer, post-training to help with recovery and the dreaded DOMS (whilst being a game-changer in the bath), and also on any injuries, aches/pains, joint issues, even arthritis!

Muscle Mend is not an instant ‘one application’ form of relief for injuries, aches and pains, it is most effective when incorporated into an athletes daily routine of training and competing to provide them with better recovery and to allow them to maintain high levels of performance, with less pain. It is perfect for anyone in any sport or activity, at any level, to maintain physical comfort before, during and after training/competing.

Head over to our website to check out all of our testimonials, both written and in video, from a range of amateur and professional sportspeople/athletes, from fitness competitors through to ex-England International football/rugby players and professional boxers.

Lewin Clinic

With vast experience and knowledge in sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, The Lewin Sports Injury Clinic will provide an unrivalled, individualised care pathway from injury to return-to-sport. Gary Lewin & Colin Lewin have decades of experience working in the Premier League and at International level and have links to experts from all fields of medicine across London, the UK and Europe. The facility will provide an environment synonymous with elite athletes, for all.

The Lewin Sports Injury Clinic is the only physiotherapy clinic in West Essex/East London which brings together physiotherapists with vast experience and knowledge in the management, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injury, creating a state-of-the-art environment to facilitate patients striving to improve.

Lewin Clinic Logo

Initial Consultation for 45 minutes £80 reduced from £100
Follow up session £100 per hour reduced from £120
£50 for a 30 minute session.

RDA Coaching

RDA Coaching

RDA Coaching provides coaching support services from grassroots to the Premier League. Sessions are bespoke and tailored to each players’ individual needs and linked to their Individual Learning Plan.

FA Level 4 Qualified Coaching from Richard Allen, Jonas Munkvold, Lewis Bramley and Craig Heiden.

Our experiences range from working in the men’s and women’s professional game to boys’ academies, being expert practitioners with academic rigour.

We provide 1-1 coaching, small group sessions and team-based consultancy.

Our services range from Performance Analysis, Physical Development and Technical Coaching.

Uno Zero

UNOZERO is a premium football brand inspired by the number worn by the all-time greats. Classic beauty and quality, meet modern design and elegance. We are defined by timeless fundamentals of carefully selected materials, attention to detail, coupled with innovative and modern design. Our boots are handmade in Italy in small batches by our seasoned shoemakers, who have decades of experience making football boots for some of the greatest players in the history of the game. UNOZERO brings to market a true ‘modern classic’, fit for today’s level of play.

UNOZERO is for those who love the beautiful game as much as they respect and appreciate its core traditions. An UNOZERO player wants quality, style, and craftsmanship in a modern boot that performs. From academy to professional players, UNOZERO is for the serious footballer.


20% OFF

BT Drops

Offering Portás Group clients exclusive offers on Nike Sportswear products.

Follow BT Drops on Instagram to keep up to date with their latest offers


Hello Fresh

HelloFresh’s business model is to prepare the ingredients needed for a meal, and deliver them to customers, who must then cook the meal using recipe cards, which takes around 30–40 minutes. It generally provides about three two-person meals a week for £30.

hello fresh


20% OFF


As a new player in the world of male grooming, Groomen has quickly established itself as one of the most identifiable, popular and dynamic brands in the UK industry – even if you don’t know us, you will probably know our products! Underpinning our success is an understanding of the struggles and needs of the modern day man, in a world where personal grooming is ever more essential.

Our small product range is a result of consistent testing and research into what our customer’s actually want. We focus on quality rather than quantity and ensure every product we bring to market is of real value.

This is an incredibly exciting time for us as we soon to release our new range of products. Be a part of our journey, welcome to the Groomen Team.

Fox Physique

Danny Fox is Director and Head Coach of Health, Fitness and Performance Company, Fox Physique.

Over the past decade he has developed an approach that tackles health, body, and mind to achieve a happier more successful life at work and at home.

After years of training and being mentored by world leading life coaches, performance coach’s and functional medicine doctors, he was a different person – ready to share the knowledge and passion he had harnessed with others.

Today, Danny coaches top business owners, athletes and high performing professionals; speaking to audiences and sharing both knowledge and first-hand experiences with men worldwide.

His aim is not to make every person a better version of themselves, but to work with his clients to find a lifestyle that works for them using habits and routines to achieve success.

For his Athlete clients, he utilizes detailed tracking to gain the edge over their previous performances & with till keeping health as the main pillar for change.


Offering Portas Group Clients:

Full complete Health audit, High performance audit, 60 minute Strategy call, Weekly check in & coaching call, Daily communication, Full Custom nutritional support & recipes for performance, Full Custom comprehensive Training programmes & protocols for different phases, Our complete mobility & stretching library, Access to our membership site, with all our trainings & videos, Full access to our app to track, performance, data, recovery & progress, Full access to our private Facebook group, Access to our better man Breathwork 7 meditation series – for health – wellbeing – energy & performance.

fox physique

25% OFF


Jarmans Solicitors

Jarmans are a full service solicitors, Jarmans Solicitors are a legal firm offering London expertise at affordable rates. With clients all over the world we provide first class personal and commercial legal advice.

Our legal team prides itself on providing an approachable and pragmatic legal service to personal and business clients.

We understand that every case is different and always offer bespoke, independent legal advice to suit your needs and requirements.

Jarmans are offering Portás Group clients free 15 minute consultation with director Jay Sahota to discuss your needs.

what clients say


Insurance should be a major part of a non-league players life! You cover for loss of materials in work or damage to a car so make sure you cover yourselves for loss of livelihood and way of life
I have a young family but still want to play football at a high level - It is important to me to have that bit of extra financial security if something unfortunate was to happen
The Concept of supporting non-league players with personal injury insurance and offering discount on products I purchase regularly anyway is fantastic, I will save more money by investing in an insurance package due to the exclusive offers, Portas Group will be the number one provider in less than 12 months due to their personalised service mark my words
Having insurance really helped me when I suffered a broken leg 4 years ago, the Injury left me unable to drive and work for 3 months so having the insurance payout allowed me to support my ongoing bills during that period. I think it's especially important to consider insurance in the lower levels of non-league football, as clubs rarely have the finances to support you during recovery in the same way clubs higher up the pyramid do and reliance on your day job is much higher
After colliding with a goalkeeper last season I woke up 2 hours later in A&E, I needed 2 weeks off work which was luckily covered through my employer as I didn’t have insurance, if I had worked elsewhere or was self-employed I would have been unpaid for 2 weeks
I’ve never considered injury insurance until I spoke to the team at Portás Group, it put into perspective how important it is and the unique concept with additional benefits is amazing, I have already taken advantage of the exclusive discounts, I have saved £30 on football boots, £15 on Gloves and £10 on energy drinks. I can’t recommend them highly enough, the personalised support I have received has been fantastic

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