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Insurance should be a major part of a non-league players life! You cover for loss of materials in work or damage to a car so make sure you cover yourselves for loss of livelihood and way of life
I have a young family but still want to play football at a high level - It is important to me to have that bit of extra financial security if something unfortunate was to happen
The Concept of supporting non-league players with personal injury insurance and offering discount on products I purchase regularly anyway is fantastic, I will save more money by investing in an insurance package due to the exclusive offers, Portas Group will be the number one provider in less than 12 months due to their personalised service mark my words
After colliding with a goalkeeper last season I woke up 2 hours later in A&E, I needed 2 weeks off work which was luckily covered through my employer as I didn’t have insurance, if I had worked elsewhere or was self-employed I would have been unpaid for 2 weeks
Having insurance really helped me when I suffered a broken leg 4 years ago, the Injury left me unable to drive and work for 3 months so having the insurance payout allowed me to support my ongoing bills during that period. I think it's especially important to consider insurance in the lower levels of non-league football, as clubs rarely have the finances to support you during recovery in the same way clubs higher up the pyramid do and reliance on your day job is much higher
I’ve never considered injury insurance until I spoke to the team at Portás Group, it put into perspective how important it is and the unique concept with additional benefits is amazing, I have already taken advantage of the exclusive discounts, I have saved £30 on football boots, £15 on Gloves and £10 on energy drinks. I can’t recommend them highly enough, the personalised support I have received has been fantastic
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Safeguarding your financial future

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Who are the Portas Group

The Portás Group specialises in bespoke ‘Football Specific’ insurance packages for semi professional and amateur footballers.

Our ‘Player Centered’ approach ensures player welfare is our top priority, providing affordable, comprehensive and understandable packages to clients, delivered with a simplicity that allows players to develop, excel and progress to their full potential in the peace of mind that their financial future is secured in the event of an injury while playing.

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How are we different?

Portás Group have worked tirelessly to source substantial insurance packages as cost effective as possible to provide maximum coverage for our clients, offering much more than just an insurance package.

Portás Group are moving forward to revolutionise the insurance market for footballers with an individual emphasis on client wellbeing, safeguarding financial futures and client rewards.

Portás Group clients receive exclusive access to a premium range of significant benefits, incentives and discounts on sought after brands & services, tailored to the individual.

The Portás Group, here for you

Want to get access to our exclusive benefits for amatuer and semi-professional footballers?

Just take out an insurance policy with us and gain access to our members only portal.

Bespoke, Concierge Service

In purchasing an insurance policy you automatically receive access to our exclusive concierge service, managing clients as Premier League stars, regardless of the level played, granting Portás Group clients exclusive access to a premium range of significant benefits, incentives and discounts on sought after brands & services, tailored to the individual.

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